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We are always busy with Special Needs animals, we really need the support from our community to continue to help these animals in need.

Little Pelusa’s Plea for Help!

A good Samaritan watched as this 8-month-old puppy was off leash with its owner near traffic. Pelusa was hit by an oncoming car while the owner watched. This owner left her for dead in the road and just walked away. It was reported that they ignored her and turned their back to her as she lay struggling in the road clearly very injured.  A good Samaritan went to the abandoned injured dog laying in the street struggling to help herself and clearly needing medical attention.  Even if she were to be humanely euthanized, this would be better than laying in the road only to be hit yet again by another vehicle passing by. The good Samaritan scooped up this broken boned puppy and put her in the car and off they went to the closest veterinarian.  Pelusa not only allowed this stranger to pick her up and help her, but she showed only the sweetest attitude while they drove her to the veterinary office where X-rays revealed the extend of her injuries. Pelusa’s only hope was to be sent to rescue.  Immediate plans were put into place to get this little dog to Denver. It took a village of rescuers and volunteers to pull strings for Little Miss Pelusa to get a flight plan together in just a couple of days to help her come to Denver. It took thousands of dollars for surgery, many months of recovery and physical therapy before Pelusa was ready to find her forever home. Little Miss Pelusa, aka Billie, is happily living with her new mom who is dedicated to caring for Billie and her continuing special needs.

Healthy Dog
Little dog recovering from car injury.
X Ray of Dog s Injury

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