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Nikeno's Second Chances

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Rehome.

We started Nikeno's as a response to an unfulfilled need for professional assistance during the adoption process

NSC is an all volunteer foster based 501 (c)(3) non profit organization founded in 2006.

While many people are willing to adopt rescue animals, many times the combination of untrained dogs and untrained owners leads to returned or unwanted pets. By giving the dogs structured training before, during, and after home placement, their chance of success more than quadruples.

Our founder, Gina Krehbiel, has over thirty years in the animal behavioral business. She owns and operates Clearwater Dog Training — a facility that promotes educated owners and educated pets. With this background, NSC was destiny in the making.

After the passing of her beloved German Shepherd Dog Keno she felt it was time to act.

German Shepherd
Keno touched so many – I just wanted to help people find forever friends like him. These dogs have it in them – they just need the right second chance.

Gina Krehbiel Wins 7 News' Everyday Hero Award!

7 News Hero Award
Gina with 7 News Award

Meet the Nikeno's Team

Gina Krehbiel

Gina Krehbiel

Gina, Founder, President, and Intake Coordinator of Nikeno's Second Chances and Owner of Clearwater Dog Training. Educating owners and creating dogs with excellent manners and fruitful, positive relationships with their families is what Gina contributes to the Nikeno's Rescue Dogs as well as her Clearwater Dog Training clients.

Tom Riggs

Tom Riggs

Tom, volunteers his time in many ways including fostering dogs for Nikeno's Second Chances and is Co-0wner and Trainer at Clearwater Dog Dog Training.

Dog named Thistle


Thistle was a good dog but his family no longer wanted him.  He and his brother were left at a high kill out of state shelter. They were just puppies and scared.  Soon they found themselves on a transport with so many other unwanted puppies headed to Denver and ultimately to Nikeno’s.  Thistle vowed he would work to make a difference in the lives of other scared dogs like the ones he met at the shelter.  

Thistle found his home with Tom and Gina and serves as the NSC Ambassador and has helped welcome and comfort over 1,000 animals passing through NSC over many years, many who’s stories are horrific. Thistle and his brother Thatch found their forever homes and are just a couple of our success stories.    

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