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Wednesday, August 9th | 1:55 pm (MDT)


Sheri Lyn Mondik

I am so very sorry for the loss of this incredible woman. Sheri Mondik is simply the nicest and kindest person I know. We met because of her dog Shep. I own the training facility she trained at. Sheri came for a log time to Clearwater Dog Training. I eventually added the rescue Nikenos Second Chances and Sheri liked sending people to us to find an animal. We had a long relationship between the training and the rescue.

Sheri was a gem and will be missed. In honor of Sheri and celebration of her life, her friends and family have asked you to support a cause Sheri was fond of. Should you want to support a cause Sheri was a part of, we would be very honored and I think Sheri would appreciate your contributions in her honor.

You can use Venmo or simply send a check to:

Nikenos Second Chances
1446 Estes Street
Lakewood, CO 80215

Thank you for your support.

Sheri Mondik

Tony Pettis

We lost a  friend and a great supporter of Nikeno’s Second Chances.

Tony Pettis, you will be missed and remembered for your kindness, devotion to animals, and your loving, unique self! Tony was always available at a moments notice to do whatever was needed, fostering, training new dogs or anything that he was asked to do. The world became a little smaller without you in it. May you rest in peace our friend! Tom.

Wally was Tony’s first dog he trained with Clearwater Dog Training, then Tony went on to foster dozens of dogs for Nikenos Second Chances being he was so smitten by the German Shepherd Breed . Tony followed suit as most foster parents often find themselves falling in love with their foster dogs and then taking the plunge and finalizing the adoption. Gretta hardly got on as Tony’s first foster before she captivated Tony’s heart and he returned with a check in hand and took her home as his 1st adoption. The rest was history, Gretta hooked Tony all the way into the rescue and so his love affair with Nikenos Second Chances began. One of Tony’s passion was to help his fosters succeed in life and he was good at helping them.

On a personal side, we are at a loss for words on how much you meant to us personally. You filled a void in our life with your kindness that will be as hard to fill as you were tall. We have no doubt in heaven you and Amanda are playing ball with Wally and all the other that crossed your path along the way. We hope heaven has those crack treats you always had for the dogs in class and you have a sea of German Shepherd in training. Know you are so dearly missed and will never be forgotten as your paw print on our hearts will last a lifetime.
With Tony’s passing he will not be able to assist Nikenos Second Chances any longer, however, with your contributions and donations you can help Tony do for the rescue what he can no longer do.
Tony Pettis
Dog posing
White dog
German Shepherd
German Shepherd on leash
Dogs sitting in a row
German Shepherd higher in age

Keno's Angels

The happy kisses rain upon your face, your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your  pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Greta - Pettis
Joie - Birley/Zoeter
Barron - Schulte
Dante - Trujillo
Sam - Krehbiel
Tillie - Molnar

Wills and Trusts Protect Your Pet's Future

Have you considered what would happen to your animals when the day come when you are no longer able to provide a home and housing for them? Most of us don't and this can put our family pets in jeopardy of being placed in a shelter. Read more about your options to care for pet's in the future.

What can you do?
Help make sure your animals future will be secure, by providing for them in your Will or Trust. Create a plan for your pets so they will be safe upon your passing. This will ensure that your family understands your wishes for the future of your pets. Nikeno’s is now able to make some of these important discussions easier for our supporters, friends, and families.

What will happen to my pet?
Once the animals are in a shelter their fate can be at risk for possible euthanizing.  If your animal is lucky enough to get adopted, most shelters do only the basic screening for the new adaptors and do little to help match the animals to the people. When you create a will and trust for your animals then you can help with making sure the provisions are put in place so your death does not have to mean your animals would be put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter.
Woman with Dog
What if I need help preparing a Will?
Walker Legal Group can help you with any needs you may have to help create your Will. They have also agreed to donate the proceeds from creating your Will to Nikeno's Second Chances.

Contact Mick Walker for more information at 720-308-8691

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